Administration of justice

Government must develop over-arching strategy for magistracy

Justice Committee report finds range of unresolved issues, and serious recruitment and training problems

Lords examines Policing and Crime Bill

Fire and rescue under spotlight

Minister questioned on law of homicide

Justice Committee hears about the law of homicide and considers proposals for its reform

MPs debate domestic abuse victims in family law courts

On 15 September MPs took part in a Chamber debate on domestic abuse victims in family law courts

Elizabeth Truss questioned as Secretary of State

Justice Committee hears from Elizabeth Truss MP, Lord Chancellor and Secretary of State for Justice

More administration of justice

Title Date
Government should work towards right to restorative justice for victims 01.09.2016
Lords debates resourcing and staffing of courts 15.07.2016
Criminal justice inspectorates and Prisons and Probation Ombudsman session 05.07.2016
Estimate day debate: Courts and Tribunals fees and Energy spending priorities 04.07.2016
Lords debates guidelines for historical sex abuse investigations 01.07.2016
Access to justice damaged by courts and tribunals fees changes 17.06.2016