Crime, civil law, justice and rights

Title Date
Government must develop over-arching strategy for magistracy 19.10.2016
Polish and Romanian Ambassadors raise their citizens' concerns post Brexit 18.10.2016
Urgent Question on Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse 17.10.2016
All parties and media giants must address pernicious antisemitic hate 16.10.2016
Crime Agencies and police representatives discuss Brexit and security 12.10.2016
What are the Government priorities for police and security during Brexit negotiations? 11.10.2016
How safe are children from the dangers of the internet? 11.10.2016
Conservative and Liberal Democrat party representatives questioned on antisemitism 11.10.2016
Experts advise on legality of EU Sanctions-listing process 11.10.2016
EU Committees Brexit inquiries update: 7 October 2016 07.10.2016
Ministry of Justice must not lose focus on reducing reoffending costs 23.09.2016
MPs demand the Government redraft its Forensics Strategy 17.09.2016
Lords debates Calais refugee camp 16.09.2016
Lords discusses conflict in fragile states 16.09.2016
MPs debate on the inquiry into hormone pregnancy tests 15.09.2016
MPs debate baby loss 15.09.2016
Ongoing failure to tackle "national scandal" of female genital mutilation 15.09.2016
What impact will Brexit have on equality law? 14.09.2016
'Widespread' sexual harassment and violence in schools must be tackled 13.09.2016
Academics and NGOs questioned on UK-EU police co-operation post-Brexit 12.09.2016