Child care

Five short debates in the Lords

Phot of Victoria Tower through gap in trees

Full day of debates for Lords

Lords debates role of education in society

Photo of a bishop in the chamber

Contribution to a skilled society on Lords agenda

Lords debates Universal Credit

Peers consider impact on claimants

Urgent Question on free childcare entitlement: 6 September

Question asked by Shadow Minister for Education

More child care

Title Date
Urgent Question on free childcare hours: 18 July 2017 18.07.2017
Lords debates public services and health and safety 14.07.2017
Lords debates support for victims of abuse 07.07.2017
Lords private members' bills 28.04.2017
Fostering: research and innovation examined 19.04.2017
Are employers supporting fathers to balance work with childcare responsibilities? 19.04.2017

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