Communities and families

Committee hears evidence on larger charities and commissioning

Select Committee on Charities takes evidence on Monday 5 December at 3.15pm

Children and Social Work Bill: Second Reading

MPs debate Second Reading of the Bill on Monday 5 December

Lords debates shared values in national life

Bishop speaking in House of Lords

Peers consider role in shaping public policy

Minister for Civil Society appears before Committee

Select Committee on Charities takes evidence on Tuesday 6 December at 4.00pm

Lords debates social care reform

Peers consider challenges of current system

More communities and families

Title Date
Only co-operation between Governments can solve Scotland's demographic problems 30.11.2016
New law needed to protect children from sexual harassment and violence 29.11.2016
Lords examines Pension Schemes Bill 29.11.2016
Tackling inequalities faced by Gypsy, Roma and Traveller communities 28.11.2016
How can the internet be made a safer place for children? 25.11.2016
Google and Twitter discuss digital innovation 25.11.2016