Lords debates public services and health and safety

Picture of a fire engine

Peers consider impact of deregulation

Regulators advise on Brexit and consumer protection rights

EU Justice Sub-Committee takes evidence on Tuesday 11 July at 10.45am

Lords debates role of businesses in communities

Photo of a high street

Peers discuss wealth creation and improving life chances

Committee launches new inquiry on Brexit: consumer protection rights

EU Justice Sub-Committee launches inquiry into impact of Brexit on Consumer Protection

Government is missing important opportunities to tackle childhood obesity

Health Committee calls for action on impact of discounting and price promotions

More consumers

Title Date
Rail passenger compensation examined 20.03.2017
MPs debate compensation for Equitable Life policyholders 20.03.2017
Viagogo and See Tickets representatives questioned on ticket abuse 20.03.2017
Lords debates UK economy 15.03.2017
MPs to debate energy prices 09.03.2017
Cost of car insurance for young people examined 28.02.2017