Business, industry and consumers

Trade Union Bill returns to the Lords

Peers discuss electronic ballots and political funds

Secretary of State questioned on UK steel industry

Business, Innovation and Skills Committee questions Sajid Javid on steel industry developments

Intergenerational fairness examined by the Committee

Work and Pensions Committee hears on generation inequality and the future of welfare

Energy Bill returns to the Lords

Lords discusses onshore wind power

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Title Date
Minister for Trade questioned on exports and role of UKTI 25.04.2016
House of Lords work on the European Union 25.04.2016
Statement on BHS entering adminstration: 25 April 2016 25.04.2016
Academics and businesses questioned on graphene technology 21.04.2016
Lords Private Members' bills 21.04.2016
Enterprise Bill returns to the Lords 20.04.2016