Asylum, immigration and nationality

Urgent Question on age checks for child refugees: 21 October 2016

Question asked by Philip Davies in the House of Commons

Polish and Romanian Ambassadors raise their citizens' concerns post Brexit

EU Justice Sub-Committee takes evidence on Tuesday 18 October at 10.45am

New Welsh language section launched on UK Parliament’s website

The UK Parliament is launching a new section ‘The Welsh Corner’ (Y Gornel Gymraeg)

Emergency debate: Humanitarian catastrophe in Aleppo and Syria

MPs held an emergency debate on Tuesday 11 October 2016

Urgent Question on the demolition of the 'Calais Jungle': 10 October 2016

Question asked by David Burrowes MP in the Commons

More asylum, immigration and nationality

Title Date
Lords debates Calais refugee camp 16.09.2016
Lords discusses conflict in fragile states 16.09.2016
Housing providers questioned on asylum accommodation 13.09.2016
Amber Rudd questioned on policing, immigration and counter-terrorism 07.09.2016
Europe-wide failure to anticipate and tackle "colossal" migration crisis 03.08.2016
Absence of certainty on Brexit migration issues, says Committee 27.07.2016