Future of the Rural Payments Agency examined

Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee questions Natural England and the Rural Payments Agency

Balancing environmental issues with expanding rural tourism

Environmental, Food and Rural Affairs Committee examines issues including planning rules and preserving character and environment

Managed rewilding and land management techniques examined by Committee

Academics, farmers, local government and national bodies questioned on the Future of the Natural Environment after the EU Referendum

Impact of leaving the EU for British farmers

Lords debates implications for rural industry

MPs debate ban on snares

On 21 July MPs will take part in a Chamber debate on a motion on a ban on the manufacture, sale, possession and use of snares

More countryside

Title Date
Rural tourism in England inquiry launched 08.07.2016
Lords debates UK rural economy 08.07.2016
MPs debate the protection of ancient woodland and trees 03.12.2015
Lords debates climate change 30.10.2015
Biotechnology and science policy experts give evidence on GM insects 09.10.2015
Commons to debate Statutory Instrument on hunting 14.07.2015