Animal welfare

Lords private members' bills

Lords Chamber with members

Merchant shipping, missing persons and farriers under spotlight

Lords private members' bills

Photo of the House of Lords Chamber

Local audit documents, equality, missing persons and farriers on agenda

Brexit: farm animal welfare discussed at roundtable


EU Energy and Environment Sub-Committee takes evidence on Wednesday 5 April at 10.00am

MPs debate a motion on animal welfare

On 30 March MPs will debate a motion in the House of Commons

Brexit: farm animal welfare—short inquiry launched

EU Energy and Environment Sub-Committee launches a short inquiry into Brexit: farm animal welfare

More animal welfare

Title Date
Backbench Business Committee weekly meeting 7 March 2017 06.03.2017
UK agriculture – animal health and welfare post-Brexit 01.03.2017
MPs debate the UK ivory trade 24.11.2016
RSPCA should step back from prosecutions except in exceptional cases 16.11.2016
MPs debate ban on snares 19.07.2016
RSPCA and Scottish SPCA discuss animal welfare 28.06.2016