Brexit: plant and animal biosecurity inquiry launched

The EU Energy and Environment Sub-Committee are launching a new inquiry into Brexit: plant and animal biosecurity

Draft Animal Welfare Bill examined

Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee questions legal experts and charities

Lords debates impact of ivory trade on endangered species

Image of elephant's trunk and tusks

Peers discuss cultural heritage of antique ivory

Lords debates natural environment and animal welfare

Image of cattle lying in a field under trees

Peers consider options for improvement

2 Sisters and Standards in Poultry Processing report published

Environment, Foods and Rural Affairs Committee publishes report as Ranjit Singh Boparan confirms food standards commitments in writing

More animals

Title Date
Impact of Brexit on agriculture and farm animal welfare debated 13.10.2017
Brexit: farm animal welfare - report published 25.07.2017
Lords private members' bills 28.04.2017
Lords private members' bills 07.04.2017
Brexit: farm animal welfare discussed at roundtable 05.04.2017
MPs debate a motion on animal welfare 23.03.2017