Title Date
Farmers, small businesses and landlords provide evidence on tax 20.02.2017
Too little done to support farmers hit by late subsidy payments 10.02.2017
Interest organisations give evidence on Brexit and agriculture 01.02.2017
New Environmental Protection Act needed after Brexit 04.01.2017
Managed rewilding and land management techniques examined by Committee 13.10.2016
Impact of leaving the EU for British farmers 22.07.2016
Lords debates UK rural economy 08.07.2016
Common Agricultural Policy reform must focus on delivering Public Goods 16.05.2016
Rural Payments Agency must pay farmers in December 2016 10.05.2016
Minister of State questioned on Basic Payments Scheme 23.03.2016
Brexit impact on agricultural funding examined 16.03.2016
Agricultural resilience discussion with farmers on Committee visit 10.03.2016
Farmers and taxpayers failed by dysfunctional leadership 02.03.2016
RPA financial support delays putting livelihoods at risk 02.03.2016
Farming Minister gives evidence on agricultural resilience to Committee 09.02.2016
Financial dimension to agricultural resilience explored by Committee 29.01.2016
Committee explores international approaches to agricultural resilience 26.01.2016
European Commission questioned on agricultural resilience and Common Agricultural Policy 15.01.2016
Role of innovation and research explored by committee 13.01.2016
Tesco, Morrisons and Sainsbury’s questioned on Farmgate prices 16.12.2015