Agriculture, animals, food and rural affairs

Brexit: farm animal welfare - report published

pigs farm animal

EU Energy and Environment Sub-Committee publishes report on Brexit: farm animal welfare

Lords debates remote island communities

Peers consider transport needs of English islands

Committee seeks views on natural environment, rural communities and biodiversity

Natural Environment and Rural Communties Act 2006 Committee publishes call for evidence

Can Defra and Natural England meet rural needs?

Natural Environment and Rural Communities Act 2006 Committee takes evidence on 18 July at 11.05am

Lords concludes Queen's Speech debate

Photo of the Lords Chamber with members

Peers discuss government's legislative agenda

More agriculture, animals, food and rural affairs

Title Date
Brexit: agriculture report published 03.05.2017
Government and supermarkets must do more to prevent food waste scandal 30.04.2017
Lords private members' bills 28.04.2017
Government statistics inadequate for the needs of agriculture 27.04.2017
Neighbourhood Planning Bill returns to the Lords 26.04.2017
Minister questioned on food waste 19.04.2017