European Union (Withdrawal) Bill: Commons Second Reading

07 September 2017

MPs debated the Second Reading of the European Union (Withdrawal) Bill in the House of Commons on Thursday 7 September and Monday 11 September.

Second Reading: Day Two

The European Union (Withdrawal) Bill passed Second Reading 326 to 290 following a division in the House. (Division 14).

Second Reading: Day One

MPs debated day one of the Second Reading of the European Union (Withdrawal) Bill 2017-19 in the House of Commons on 7 September 2017.

The European Union (Withdrawal) Bill 2017-19

Summary of the Bill

The European Union (Withdrawal) Bill 2017-19 aims to:

  • repeal the European Communities Act 1972 (ECA) on
    the day the United Kingdom leaves the European Union.
  • end the supremacy of European Union (EU) law in UK law and converts EU law as it stands at the moment of exit into domestic law. It also creates temporary powers to make secondary legislation to enable corrections to be made to the laws that would otherwise no
    longer operate appropriately once the UK has left, so that the domestic legal system continues to function correctly outside the EU.
  • enable domestic law to reflect the content of a withdrawal agreement under Article 50 of the Treaty on European Union once the UK
    leaves the EU.

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House of Commons Library Analysis

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The Library has published a briefing paper for Second Reading.

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