Lords examines Sanctions and Anti-Money Laundering Bill

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20 November 2017

The Sanctions and Anti-Money Laundering Bill will begin its committee stage, the first chance for line-by-line scrutiny, in the Lords on Tuesday 21 November.

Members are expected to discuss a range of subjects, including the prevention of acts contravening international conflict law, the protection of civilians in conflict zones and the legitimate travel of persons recognised under the UN Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees.

Lords second reading: Wednesday 1 November

Members discussed the key points raised by the bill, including imposing non-UN sanctions and the process for the making of anti-money laundering regulations.

Sanctions and Anti-Money Laundering Bill

This bill will aim to:

  • create powers for the government to make regulations to impose sanctions
  • allow financial, immigration, trade, aircraft and shipping sanctions to be imposed
  • allow for regulations to create exceptions and licences to allow activities to take place that would otherwise be prohibited or restricted by sanctions 
  • have ministerial and judicial review processes to allow individuals and organisations to challenge sanctions imposed on them
  • allow regulations to be made to update existing provisions on anti-money laundering and terrorist financing, particularly the Money Laundering Regulations 2017, to be updated after the UK’s exit from the EU.

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