Lords examines Criminal Finances Bill

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21 April 2017

The House of Lords continues its examination of the Criminal Finances Bill with report stage and third reading on Tuesday 25 April.

Report stage is a further chance to examine the bill, while third reading is an opportunity to 'tidy up' the bill and make changes. The two stages are scheduled to take place on the same day, which is unusual in the House of Lords.

Following the completion of third reading, the bill returns to the Commons for consideration of Lords amendments.

Committee stage day two: Monday 3 April

Members discussed subjects including tax evasion, public registers of beneficial ownership of companies, bribery and corporate criminal liability for economic crime.

Committee stage day one: Monday 28 March

Members discussed subjects including property held in trusts, money laundering and compensation.

Lords second reading: Thursday 9 March

Criminal Finances Bill summary

This bill will aim to:

  • amend the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002
  • make provision in connection with terrorist property
  • create corporate offences for cases where a person associated with a body corporate or partnership facilitates the commission by another person of a tax evasion offence

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