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  • Gender pay gap

    Women and Equalities Committee inquiry to inform Government strategy on reducing the gender pay gap

  • Genomics and genome-editing

    Science and Technology Committee inquiry into genomics and genome-editing

  • GO-Science Annual Report 2015-16

    The Science and Technology Committee held a one-off evidence session on 25 January 2017 on the Government Office for Science Annual Report 2015–16

  • Government's approach to European Scrutiny

    European Scrutiny Committee session on the Governments approach to European Scrutiny

  • Graphene

    The Science and Technology Committee explore the lessons from graphene for research and innovation in other areas, as well as the management and commercialisation of graphene's intellectual property






  • Managing intellectual property and technology transfer

    The Committee held a session on Graphene which included discussion about the role of universities in the commercialisation of their research work. We now invite written evidence on how well this system works and what measures are needed to improve it

  • Marine Protected Areas Revisited

    Environmental Audit Committee called for evidence on Marine Protected Areas in the UK and the Overseas Territories. This follows on from the previous Committee’s reports into Marine Protected Areas and Sustainability in the UK Overseas Territories

  • Maritime Growth Study

    Transport Committee inquiry on response to Department for Transport's report on Maritime Growth Study

  • Maternity services

    Health Committee inquiry into maternity services following publication of the National Maternity Review report 'Better Births'

  • Maxwellisation

    Treasury Committee inquiry into Maxwellisation and its use in public inquiries

  • Meeting summaries

    European Scrutiny Committee meeting summaries

  • Military exercises and the duty of care: follow up

    The Defence Committee indicated when it published the Government Response to Beyond Endurance? Military exercises and the duty of care that it would return to this subject to monitor the MoD's progress on the Committee's conclusions and recommendations

  • MoD support for former and serving personnel subject to judicial processes

    Defence Sub-Committee inquiry into MoD support for former and serving personnel subject to judicial processes

  • Multi-academy trusts

    Education Committee inquiry into governance, performance and accountability of MATs.



  • Ocean Acidification

    The Science and Technology published reports on Marine Science in 2007 and 2013, noting the importance of combating increasing ocean acidification. The Committee has decided to undertake follow-up scrutiny on the issue of ocean acidification

  • Older people and employment

    Women and Equalities Committee inquiry into older people in the workplace and in the job market

  • Overview and scrutiny in local government

    Communities and Local Government Committee inquiry into Overview and scrutiny in local government








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