Of the six appointed members, one is a Member of the House of Commons who is a Minister with responsibilities in relation to local government. This appointment is made by the Prime Minister. The other five appointed members are Members of the House of Commons who are not Ministers and are appointed by the Speaker.

Appointed members serve for the full length of the Parliament, unless they cease to be Members of the House, resign from the Committee, or another member is appointed in their place. They may be reappointed.

Ex officio members

  • The Speaker, Rt Hon John Bercow MP.
    The Speaker is also the Chair of the Committee.
  • Mr Graham Allen MP  (Labour), as Chair of the Political and Constitutional Reform Committee.
  • Rt Hon Nick Clegg MP (Liberal Democrat), as Lord President of the Council.
  • Brandon Lewis MP (Conservative), as Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State at the Department for Communities and Local Government

Appointed members
Appointed by the Speaker

Member Party
John Bercow (Chair) Speaker
Mr Graham Allen Labour
Mr Nick Clegg Liberal Democrat
Tracey Crouch Conservative
Sir Gerald Kaufman Labour
Brandon Lewis Conservative
Naomi Long Alliance
Bridget Phillipson Labour
Mr Gary Streeter Conservative