Membership - Committee on Arms Export Controls

Four select committees participate in the Committees on Arms Export Controls (CAEC):

Any Member of the four Committees can attend CAEC meetings, but each Committee has nominated Members to routinely attend CAEC meetings. These are:

Member Party
Graham P Jones (Chair) Labour
Ann Clwyd Labour
Leo Docherty Conservative
Mr Nigel Evans Conservative
Mr Marcus Fysh Conservative
Mike Gapes Labour (Co-op)
Mr Ranil Jayawardena Conservative
Mrs Pauline Latham Conservative
Chris Law Scottish National Party
Emma Little Pengelly Democratic Unionist Party
Faisal Rashid Labour
Gavin Robinson Democratic Unionist Party
Lloyd Russell-Moyle Labour (Co-op)
Henry Smith Conservative
Royston Smith Conservative
Stephen Twigg Labour (Co-op)
Catherine West Labour