Secondary Legislation Scrutiny Committee - publications

Committee publications include:

  • Reports
  • Oral and written evidence
  • Responses to Reports
  • correspondence
  • other material related to the work of the Committee

Oral and written evidence is on the relevant inquiry pages

Publications from previous sessions

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    A Session is a parliamentary year. Following the 2011 Fixed-term Parliament Act Sessions typically begin in May and run for 12 months.

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    Select committees conduct inquiries and produce reports on a range of matters, from the conduct of Government to specialist subject areas.

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    • Reports and associated evidence - reports and evidence featuring written submissions and corrected oral evidence published at the conclusion of Committee inquiries. Evidence is periodically updated over the course of an inquiry and is not finalised until the relevant Report is published.
    • Uncorrected oral evidence - transcripts of oral evidence not yet approved by the Committee or witnesses.
    • Other oral evidence - corrected transcripts of oral evidence, usually taken for scrutiny purposes or for ad hoc/regular evidence sessions with Ministers.
    • Evidence - written submissions and corrected oral evidence published for scrutiny purposes or for ad hoc/regular evidence sessions with Ministers.
    • Responses to Reports - Government Department and European Commission responses to reports.
    • Call for Evidence - request to submit evidence to a Committee inquiry.
    • Correspondence - correspondence received and sent by the Committee excluding ministerial correspondence.
    • Correspondence with Ministers - Ministerial correspondence received and sent by the Committee.
    • Progress of Scrutiny - records the decisions taken by the EU Committee on European documents that have been deposited in Parliament for scrutiny.

Reports and associated evidence

Evidence and Other Documents

Evidence Submitted

17th Report

Draft Renewable Transport Fuels and Greenhouse Gas Emissions Regulations 2018

Submission from Vivergo Fuels

15th Report

Draft Environmental Permitting (England and Wales) (Amendment) Regulations 2018

Submission from REG Power Management

Submission from Peak Gen

Submission from British Heart Foundation

Submission from Royal College of Physicians

Submission from British Lung Foundation

Response from Defra to letters from Peak Gen, and Reg Power Management  

1st Report

Social Security (Restrictions on Amounts for Children and Qualifying Young Persons) (Amendment) Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2017

Submission from Women's Aid Federation Northern Ireland


 Oral Evidence

12 September 2017

Quality of Information Provided in Support of Secondary Legislation


  • Elizabeth Gardiner, First Parliamentary Counsel and Permanent Secretary in the Cabinet Office
  • Jonathan Jones, HM Procurator General, Treasury Solicitor, Head of the Government Legal Service and Crown's Nominee
  • Sir Chris Wormald, Head of Government Policy Profession and Permanent Secretary in the Department of Health

Corrected transcript (PDF PDF 131 KB)

Written evidence from the Cabinet Office (PDF PDF 170 KB)

Criminal Justice (European Investigation Order) Regulations 2017


  • Nick Hurd MP, Minister of State for Policing and the Fire Service
  • Julian Fletcher, Head of International Criminality Unit
  • Stephen Jones, Legal Adviser

Corrected transcript (PDF PDF 85 KB)