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  • EU membership and UK science follow-up   Inquiry announced 19 July 2016

    The Science and Technology Committee is conducting a short investigation

  • Autonomous vehicles  Inquiry announced 15 September 2016

    The House of Lords Science and Technology Committee is to conduct an inquiry into future uses of autonomous vehicles in the UK

  • Relationship between EU membership and UK science  Inquiry announced 17 September 2015

    The House of Lords Science and Technology Committee investigates the relationship between EU membership and the effectiveness of UK science

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  • The 2010 Parliament began on 25 May 2010
  • The 2010 Parliament - current inquiries option lists ongoing inquiries
  • The 2010 Parliament - former inquiries option shows details of former inquiries from this session
  • The 2005 Parliament ran from 17 May 2005 to 6 April 2010 - details of inquiries from this Parliament can be accessed using the Parliament 2005 - former inquiries option