Grassroots Sport and the European Union

The House of Lords EU Social Policies and Consumer Protection Sub-Committee, which was chaired by Baroness Young of Hornsey, conducted an inquiry into Grassroots Sport and the European Union. The report was published on 6 April 2011 and debated by the House on 10 November 2011.

The report looked at how the EU can maximise the potential of sport in its own policy making and delivery and how it can help Member States do likewise. EU legislation can impact upon sport in a number of areas including intellectual property and single market legislation. The report looked at how these should be applied to sport in order to ensure the sustainability of grassroots sport, particularly its revenue streams from the broadcasting of professional sport. The report also looked at how the voice of grassroots sports can be heard in Brussels and how grassroots organisations can be encouraged to make use of the opportunities available to them at EU level.”