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Brexit: competition inquiry

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Oral evidence concluded; report in preparation.

Scope of inquiry

Competition is a field in which the EU applies law and policy directly. The UK's domestic competition laws are modelled on those contained in the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union and operate under the governing principle that they are to be interpreted consistently with EU law. Responsibility to apply and enforce European antitrust policy and merger controls is shared by the European Commission and the National Competition Authorities of EU Member States. The third pillar of European competition policy, state aid, is exclusively an area of EU law and Member States can only implement aid measures after approval by the Commission.

The inquiry will explore:

  • opportunities and challenges in re-shaping UK competition policy post-Brexit
  • the implications of Brexit for the application and enforcement of competition law in the UK
  • whether UK authorities have the capacity and resources to cope with additional responsibilities and a greater caseload
  • potential state aid obligations in any UK-EU free trade agreement, and
  • future cooperation between the UK and the EU on investigations and enforcement actions.

The deadline for submissions has now passed; if you still wish to make a submission, please contact the clerk.

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