EU Internal Market Sub-Committee

Brexit: future trade between the UK and EU in services inquiry

Inquiry status: open

Oral evidence concluded; report in preparation.

Scope of the inquiry

The EU Internal Market Sub-Committee are investigating the implications of Brexit for the UK's trade in services with the EU. Domestically, the services sector dominates the UK economy, contributing around 79% of GDP.  The services sector now employs over 25 million people, out of the 33 million people in employment in the UK. The EU is the UK's largest export market for services–accounting for 40% of trade.

The Committee will be taking evidence from key service sectors, such as Professional Business Services, aviation and telecommunications, in order to determine the  implications of the different levels of market access the UK might negotiate with the EU. The inquiry aims to influence the Government's position on Brexit negotiations by developing a strategic overview of the relative importance of different sectors and identifying clear priorities in each sector.

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