Committee follows up on Operation Sophia and Libya

Migrants getting into a boat
17 March 2017

The EU External Affairs Sub-Committee holds an evidence session with Joseph Walker-Cousins from the Institute for Statecraft as a follow-up to its previous inquiry on Operation Sophia.


Thursday 30 March Committee Room 1, Palace of Westminster

At 10.05am

  • Mr Joseph Walker-Cousins, Senior Fellow, The Institute for Statecraft

Likely questions

Questions for the evidence session include:

  • How is the security situation in Libya, and what are the prospects for the Libyan Government of National Accord (GNA) reaching agreement with the House of Representatives and General Haftar?
  • Is it realistic for the EU to be seeking to intensify cooperation on migration given the limited reach of the GNA and the wider challenges facing the administration?
  • We concluded last year that Operation Sophia faced "an impossible challenge". Would you agree? What has the mission achieved?
  • What else could Operation Sophia do? Are its additional tasks—particularly providing training for the coastguard and navy—likely to have a meaningful impact on migration on the central Mediterranean route?

Further information

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