Joint Committee on Human Rights - publications

Committee publications from the 2010 Parliament include Reports and associated evidence, Responses to Reports, oral and written evidence that has yet to be or is not associated with a Report (this includes transcripts of recent evidence sessions), correspondence and other material related to the work of the Committee.

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    A Session is a parliamentary year. Following the 2011 Fixed-term Parliament Act Sessions typically begin in May and run for 12 months.

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    Select committees conduct inquiries and produce reports on a range of matters, from the conduct of Government to specialist subject areas.

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    • Reports and associated evidence – Reports of Committee inquires. This category may also include Special Reports where they are used by a Committee to bring matters relating to conduct of its business to the notice of the House.
    • Responses to Reports - Responses may be published as a Special Report, or as a Command Paper. They may also be appended to a Report should the Committee have substantial comments on the Response, in which case they can be found listed under Reports.
    • Other oral and written evidence - Evidence taken by the Committee that has yet to or did not result in the publication of a Report. This includes transcripts of recent meetings.
    • Correspondence - Correspondence sent from or received by the Committee or its Chair.

Reports and associated evidence

Responses to Reports

Written evidence

Oral evidence

Uncorrected oral evidence

  • The implications for access to justice of the Government's proposals to reform Legal Aid (PDF)HC 766 | Published 29 October 2013

    Oral evidence taken on Wednesday 23 October from Tim Buley, Barrister, Landmark Chambers; Dr Nick Armstrong, Barrister Matrix Chambers; and Martha Spurrier, Barrister, Public Law Project Dr Russell Hargrave, Communications & Public Affairs Officer Asylum Aid; Ilona Pinter, Policy Adviser, the Children’s Society; Alison Harvey, Legal Director, Immigration Law Practitioners Association (ILPA); and Alistair Pitblado, The Official Solicitor to the Senior Courts Nick Hardwick CBE, Her Majesty’s Chief Inspector of Prisons; Laura Janes, Acting Legal Director, the Howard League for Penal Reform; Simon Creighton, Prisoners’ Advice Service; and Nigel Newcomen CBE, the Prisons and Probation Ombudsman