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  • Motoring of the future  Inquiry announced 18 June 2014

    This inquiry examines how the UK Government can address developments in cars of the future, notably alternative fuels, safety improvements and driver aids.

  • Smaller airports  Inquiry announced 09 July 2014

    This inquiry examines the role of smaller airports in improving connectivity

  • HS2: update  Inquiry announced 21 October 2014

    This inquiry looks at the latest developments in the High Speed Rail 2 project

  • Strategic river crossings  Inquiry announced 12 June 2014

    This inquiry looks at planning, financing and any regenerative effects of different river crossings in the UK

  • Government motoring agencies - the user perspective  Inquiry announced 07 January 2014

    This inquiry looks at the experience motorists have interacting with the Government's motoring agencies

  • Security on the railway  Inquiry announced 23 January 2014

    This inquiry looked at crime and perceptions of crime on the railway and how they can be reduced

  • Investing in the railway  Inquiry announced 06 May 2014

    Inquiry scrutinising the impact and deliverability of Network Rail’s £38 billion investment programme over the next five years

Finding an inquiry

  • The 2010 Parliament began on 25 May 2010
  • This page lists current inquiries
  • Details of past inquiries from the 2010 Parliament can be accessed via the link on the left hand side to 2010 Parliament - past inquires

How to get involved

  • Suggest a future inquiry

    Topics should relate to the work of the Department for Transport or one of its related bodies, such as the Highways Agency, Maritime and Coastguard Agency or Network Rail.


Guide for witnesses

Detailed guidance for individuals and organisations giving written or oral evidence to House of Commons Select Committees.