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  • Government motoring agencies - the user perspective  Inquiry announced 07 January 2014

    The purpose of this inquiry is to look closely at the experience motorists, hauliers, bus companies and others have when interacting with the Government's various motoring agencies and to make recommendations for improvements

  • Transport's winter resilience: rail flooding  Inquiry announced 10 February 2014

  • Security on the railway  Inquiry announced 23 January 2014

    The purpose of this inquiry is to look at crime and perceptions of crime on the railway and how these can be reduced

  • Draft National Policy Statement on National Networks  Inquiry announced 07 January 2014

    The draft NPS has been published by the Department for Transport under the Planning Act 2008. It sets out the Government’s vision and approach to the development of nationally significant infrastructure projects on the road and rail networks in England

  • Transport's winter resilience: Christmas 2013  Inquiry announced 10 January 2014

    The Committee has decided to gather further written evidence on the disruption caused by flooding at Gatwick on Christmas Eve. It is particularly interested to receive first-hand accounts of what happened from people attempting to travel that day

  • Cycling safety: follow up  Inquiry announced 19 November 2013

    Committee held three evidence sessions for this inquiry

  • High Speed Rail: follow up  Inquiry announced 08 November 2013

    The Committee called KPMG and the Secretary of State for Transport to answer questions about the HS2 project on Tuesday 26 November

  • Helicopter safety  Inquiry announced 06 November 2013

  • The cost of motor insurance: whiplash  Inquiry announced 05 November 2013

    The Transport Committee calls for evidence on the Government whiplash white paper

  • Local decision making on transport spending  Inquiry announced 30 October 2013

  • Better roads  Inquiry announced 17 September 2013

    The closing date for written submissions was Thursday 17 October 2013

  • Passenger transport in isolated communities  Inquiry announced 11 July 2013

    The Transport Committee called for evidence on passenger transport in isolated communities. This inquiry was outlined in the Committee’s recent report setting out its future work programme for 2013/14

Finding an inquiry

  • The 2010 Parliament began on 25 May 2010
  • This page lists current inquiries
  • Details of past inquiries from the 2010 Parliament can be accessed via the link on the left hand side to 2010 Parliament - past inquires

How to get involved

  • Suggest a future inquiry

    Topics should relate to the work of the Department for Transport or one of its related bodies, such as the Highways Agency, Maritime and Coastguard Agency or Network Rail.


Guide for witnesses

Detailed guidance for individuals and organisations giving written or oral evidence to House of Commons Select Committees.

Transport Committee future programme


  • Airports Commision: Interim Report: Oral evidence session on Monday 20 January
  • Transport's winter resilience: Christmas 2013: Written evidence called for
  • National policy statement on National Networks: Written evidence called for
  • Government motoring agencies: the user perspective: Written evidence called for
  • Cycling safety: folow up: Written evidence called for
  • Helicopter safety: Written evidence called for
  • Cost of moter insurance: whiplash: follow up: Written evidence called for
  • Local decision making on transport expenditure: Written evidence called for
  • Better roads: Evidence sessions ongoing
  • Safety at level crossing: Report in preparation
  • Passenger transport in isolated communities: Evidence sesions ongoing 
  • Maritime strategy: Report in preparation