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02 February 2015 4:05 PM

Smaller airports

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Witness(es): Pauline Bradley, Director, Manston Skyport Limited, Alastair Welch, Interim Director, Kent Airport Limited, Alan Mackinnon, Interim Director, Kent Airport Limited, George Yerrall, Partner, RiverOak Investment Corp and Tony Freudmann, Partner, RiverOak Investment Corp; Paul Carter, Leader, Kent County Council, David Smith, Director of Economic Development, Kent County Council, Councillor Iris Johnston, Leader, Thanet District Council, Madeline Homer, Acting Chief Executive, Thanet District Council, Paul Cook, Interim Director of Corporate Resources, Thanet District Council and Sir Roger Gale MP; Ms Rosalyn McIntyre, No Night Flights, Dr Beau Webber, Chair, Save Manston Airport Group and Angie Sutton, Why Not Manston?

The Boothroyd Room, Portcullis House

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