Standards Committee membership at the end of Parliament 2010-15

30 March 2015

Following the Dissolution of Parliament on 30 March 2015, all select committees have ceased to exist. Until the committees are reappointed in the new Parliament following the General Election on 7 May 2015, there are no chairs or members of committees.

The Chair and Members of the Committee at the end of the 2010 Parliament were:

Member Party
Kevin Barron (Chair) Labour
Sir Paul Beresford MP Conservative
Mr Christopher Chope MP Conservative
Rt Hon Tom Clarke MP Labour
Mr Geoffrey Cox MP Conservative
Sharon Darcy (PDF PDF 34 KB) Lay Member
Rt Hon Dominic Grieve QC MP Conservative
Sir Nick Harvey MP Liberal Democrat
Peter Jinman (PDF PDF 28 KB) Lay Member
Fiona O'Donnell MP Labour
Walter Rader (PDF PDF 40 KB) Lay Member
Rt Hon Sir John Randall MP Conservative
Dr Alan Whitehead MP Labour
Image: Parliamentary copyright

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