Scottish Affairs Committee - Current Inquiries

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  • Scotland Office Annual Report 2013-14  Inquiry announced 11 November 2014

    One-off session scrutinising the Annual Report and Accounts of the Scotland Office

  • The Smith Commission: Proposals for further Devolution to Scotland  Inquiry announced 01 December 2014

    This inquiry looks into the Smith Commission report detailing further devolution powers to Scottish Parliament

  • Impact of the closure of City Link on employment   Inquiry announced 08 January 2015

    Following City Link entering administration the loss of 2,356 jobs across the UK, including Scotland, was confirmed

  • Blacklisting in employment  Inquiry announced 27 June 2012

    On June 27 the Scottish Affairs Committee launched its inquiry into the blacklisting following a raid on The Consulting Association which provided proof that construction workers’ personal details were traded for profit

  • Land Reform in Scotland  Inquiry announced 11 July 2013

    On 11 July 2013 the Committee announced that it would conduct an inquiry into Land Reform in Scotland

  • Our Borderlands - Our Future  Inquiry announced 14 July 2014

    This inquiry investigates key issues that affect the daily lives of those people who live in the south of Scotland