Inquiries - Home Affairs Committee

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  • Immigration  Inquiry announced 08 December 2016

    Home Affairs Committee inquiry into developing a consensus on an effective immigration policy

  • Policing for the future  Inquiry announced 12 January 2017

    Home Affairs Committee inquiry on the challenges of modern policing and whether police forces can respond to changing patterns of crime

  • Child migrants  Inquiry announced 15 February 2017

    Home Affairs Committee inquiry on the situation of unaccompanied child migrants

  • Hate crime and its violent consequences  Inquiry announced 04 July 2016

    Home Affairs Committee inquiry examining hate crime and attacks motivated by extremism

  • The work of the Home Secretary  Inquiry announced 13 July 2015

    Home Affairs Committee holds regular oral evidence sessions with the Home Secretary

  • Asylum accommodation  Inquiry announced 20 January 2016

    Home Affairs Committee inquiry on accommodation for asylum seekers provided by Government contractors

  • Sharia councils  Inquiry announced 23 June 2016

    Home Affairs Committee inquiry into the role of Sharia councils in UK communities

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