Contact us - Health Committee

Please note: the Health Committee examines policy issues related to the Department of Health and its associated bodies. It is unable to investigate, or adjudicate on, individual cases.

If you have an individual case which you believe needs to be considered, please visit the website of the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman for further advice.  

Committee Members contact details

Health Committee
House of Commons
Telephone: 020 7219 6182
Email: [email protected]

Committee Staff

Huw Yardley - Committee Clerk
Katya Cassidy - Second Clerk
Laura Daniels - Senior Committee Specialist
Stephen Aldhouse - Committee Specialist
Dr Charlotte Refsum - Clinical Fellow
Cecilia Santi O Desanti - Senior Committee Assistant
Lucy Hale - Committee Assistant


Follow us on Twitter at: @CommonsHealth

Press and publicity contact details

Alex Paterson – Media Officer
Telephone: 020 7219 1589
Email: [email protected]