Exiting the European Union Committee

UK's negotiating objectives for withdrawal from EU inquiry

Inquiry status: open

Accepting written submissions. Please send in submissions as soon as possible to inform the Committee's oral evidence sessions.

First report published on 14 January 2017. Government Response published on 17 March 2017.

Second report published on 5 March 2017. Awaiting Government Response.

Reports published

First report

The Exiting the European Union Committee's first report calls for transitional arrangements on trade, no return to tariffs for UK businesses and parliamentary vote on final deal.

Government Response

Second report

The Government should now make a unilateral decision to safeguard the rights of EU nationals living in the UK, the cross-party Exiting the European Union Committee has unanimously agreed in its report. The MPs are also calling on the Government to seek to ensure that UK nationals already resident in other EU countries – and EU citizens already living here – do not lose their rights to healthcare and pensions after Brexit.

Scope of the inquiry

Following the outcome of the EU referendum, the Committee undertakes an inquiry into the UK's negotiating objectives for our withdrawal from the EU.

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