Unpublished submissions - European Scrutiny Committee

This page contains papers submitted to the Committee which are not reproduced in reports or as oral or written evidence.

Correspondence with the BBC

The Committee has invited Lord Patten of Barnes, the Chairman of the BBC Trust, and Tony Hall, the Director-General of the BBC to give evidence before the Committee following its inquiry into Reforming the European Scrutiny System in the House of Commons.

The relevant correspondence can be accessed on the link below:

UK's block opt-out of pre-Lisbon criminal law and policing measures

Government Response: Annex A

The European Scrutiny Committee published its Second Special Report, The UK's block opt–out of pre–Lisbon criminal law and policing measures: Government's Reponse to the Committee's Twenty-first Report of Session 2013-14, on 17 Janaury 2014.

The Response included four annexes. Annexes B, C and D are reproduced in the Appendix to the Second Special Report.  Annex A, which comprises a table of Parliamentary Questions and Answers on the 2014 block opt-out decision, is reproduced below: 

Scrutiny background papers

This page also lists papers which have been sent to the Committee as background to its scrutiny of European documents and on which the Committee has commented in its Reports. The submissions are not made in response to a request for submissions in respect of a specific inquiry conducted by the Committee, and are not evidence to the Committee.

Financial Services: payment services

The Committee reported on a Draft Directive on the Financial Services: payment services in the 33rd Report of Session 2013-14 HC 83-xxx Chapter 8

Data Protection

The Committee reported on the General Data Protection Regulation in the 59th Report of Session 2010-12, HC 428-liv at Chapter 7.

EU Port Services Regulation Proposal

Charles Hammond, Chairman, UK Major Ports Group: letter concerning EU Ports Services Regulation dated 19 August 2014

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