Environmental Audit Committee - membership

Joan Walley MP was elected by the House to be the Chair of the Environmental Audit Committee on Wednesday 9 June 2010.

The remaining members were appointed on Monday 26 July 2010. On 5 December 2011 Simon Kirby was discharged from the Committee and Paul Uppal appointed, and on 3 December 2012 Sheryll Murray was discharged from the committee and Dr Matthew Offord appointed. On 10 December 2012 Ian Murray was discharged from the committee and Chris Evans appointed. On 11 November 2013 Paul Uppal was discharged from the Committee. On 25 November 2013 Richard Benyon was discharged from the Committee and Dan Rogerson appointed. On 16th December 2013 Rt Hon Mrs Caroline Spelman was appointed. On 18 March 2014 Chris Evans was discharged from the Committee and Mike Kane appointed.

Member Party
Joan Walley (Chair) Labour
Peter Aldous Conservative
Neil Carmichael Conservative
Martin Caton Labour
Katy Clark Labour
Zac Goldsmith Conservative
Mike Kane Labour
Mark Lazarowicz Labour (Co-op)
Caroline Lucas Green
Caroline Nokes Conservative
Dr Matthew Offord Conservative
Dan Rogerson Liberal Democrat
Mrs Caroline Spelman Conservative
Mr Mark Spencer Conservative
Dr Alan Whitehead Labour
Simon Wright Liberal Democrat

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Sustainability Knowledge Alliance

The Committee is a partner of the Sustainability Knowledge Alliance, an network of researchers in the fields of sustainable development. An aim of the Alliance’s work is to assist the Committee’s inquiries by providing expert advice and suggesting possible contributors.