Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee - membership

The members of the Committee were appointed on Monday 12 July 2010.*

*Richard Drax MP was appointed to the Committee on 2 November 2010, Iain McKenzie MP and Ms Margaret Ritchie MP on 23 January 2012, Mrs Sheryll Murray MP on 5 November 2012, Mrs Emma Lewell-Buck MP on 10 June 2013, Jim Fitzpatrick MP and Mr Mark Spencer MP on 4 November 2013 and Roger Williams MP on 25 November 2013.
Member Party
Miss Anne McIntosh (Chair) Conservative
Richard Drax Conservative
Jim Fitzpatrick Labour
Mrs Mary Glindon Labour
Mrs Emma Lewell-Buck Labour
Iain McKenzie Labour
Sheryll Murray Conservative
Neil Parish Conservative
Ms Margaret Ritchie Social Democratic & Labour Party
Mr Mark Spencer Conservative
Roger Williams Liberal Democrat