Energy and Climate Change Committee - Current inquiries

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  • Progress on smart meter roll out  Inquiry announced 22 September 2014

    A follow up inquiry looking at the progress made by the Government on the roll out of smart meters

  • Implementation of electricity market reform  Inquiry announced 16 September 2014

    Inquiry assessing the Government's progess towards implementing the different strands of EMR

  • Low carbon innovation  Inquiry announced 15 October 2013

    Reviewing the approach towards direct support for renewable energy technologies

  • IPCC 5th Assessment Review  Inquiry announced 22 October 2013

    Inquiry into the recent conclusions of the IPCC and their impact on policy

  • Deep coal mining in the UK  Inquiry announced 02 July 2014

    Inquiry into the phased closure of two of the remaining deep coal mines in the UK

  • Electricity demand-side measures  Inquiry announced 18 June 2014

    Looking at the implementation of policies encouraging the development of DSR and EDR

  • Linking emissions trading systems  Inquiry announced 12 March 2014

    Looking at how emission trading systems around the world are evolving and whether eventual linking is more or less likely

  • Small nuclear power  Inquiry announced 04 March 2014

    Potential of small nuclear power being used in the UK

  • Network Costs  Inquiry announced 12 February 2014

    Exploring the transparency of network costs within energy prices

  • Green Deal: watching brief (part 2)  Inquiry announced 18 December 2013

    A follow-up inquiry from the Committee's Green Deal: watching brief report

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