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Committee publications from the 2010 Parliament include Reports and associated evidence, Responses to Reports, oral and written evidence that has yet to be or is not associated with a Report (this includes transcripts of recent evidence sessions), correspondence and other material related to the work of the Committee.

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    A Session is a parliamentary year. Following the 2011 Fixed-term Parliament Act Sessions typically begin in May and run for 12 months.

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    Select committees conduct inquiries and produce reports on a range of matters, from the conduct of Government to specialist subject areas.

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    • Reports and associated evidence – Reports of Committee inquires. This category may also include Special Reports where they are used by a Committee to bring matters relating to conduct of its business to the notice of the House.
    • Responses to Reports - Responses may be published as a Special Report, or as a Command Paper. They may also be appended to a Report should the Committee have substantial comments on the Response, in which case they can be found listed under Reports. 
    • Other oral and written evidence - Evidence taken by the Committee that has yet to or did not result in the publication of a Report. This includes transcripts of recent meetings.
    • Estimate Memoranda - An Estimate memorandum is an explanatory note that accompanies a government department’s estimate (a means by which a department seeks authority from Parliament for its spending plans).
    • Correspondence - Correspondence sent from or received by the Committee or its Chair.

Reports and associated evidence

Responses to Reports

Written evidence

Oral evidence

Oral and written evidence

  • Great Teachers Follow up - oral and written evidence | PDF version Great Teachers Follow up - oral and written evidence (PDF)HC 371-i and ii | Published 14 January 2014 | Purchase title Great Teachers Follow up - oral and written evidence

    Wednesday 11 July 2013 Chris Pope, Co-Director, Prince’s Teaching Institute, Professor Derek Bell, Professor of Education, The College of Teachers, Dr Patrick Roach, Deputy General Secretary, NASUWT, and Dr Lesley Saunders, Visiting Professor, Institute of Education; Peter Kent, Head Teacher, Lawrence Sheriff School, Rugby, Anne Swift, Head Teacher, Gladstone Road Infant School, Scarborough, Dame Joan McVittie, Head Teacher, Woodside High School, Wood Green, and David Weston, Chief Executive, Teacher Development Trust Wednesday 11 September 2013 James Noble-Rogers, Executive Director, Universities Council for the Education of Teachers (UCET), Pam Tatlow, Chief Executive, Million+, Martin Thompson, Executive Director, The National Association of School-Based Teacher Trainers, and Professor Chris Husbands, Director, Institute of Education, University of London; Rt Hon David Laws MP, Minister of State for Schools, Department for Education, and Charlie Taylor, Chief Executive, National College for Teaching and Leadership (NCTL)

Uncorrected oral evidence

Other oral and written evidence

Estimates Memoranda


Oral and written evidence

A complete list of oral and written evidence relating to an inquiry can be found on the relevant inquiry page

Related information

Visitors to the Education Committee Publications page can access two types of Report published by the Committee the differences between these are

  • Reports - Committee Reports produced by the Education Committee at the end of an inquiry and the associated written and oral evidence collected during the course of an inquiry
  • Special Reports - Government responses to reports published by the Committee

Oral evidence and other correspondence published by the Committee can also be found on this page by scrolling down to the appropriate section.

The Education Committee has also started using a new written evidence E-portal, which has changed the process of submitting and publishing evidence by the Committee. Written evidence connected to an inquiry will no longer be published on this page and can now be found on specific inquiry pages, under the heading written evidence.