Contact us - Education Committee

Committee contact details

Education Committee
House of Commons

Telephone: 020 7219 1376
Email: [email protected]


Committee Staff contact details

Richard Ward - Clerk
Telephone: 020 7219 6243
Email: [email protected]

Anna Connell-Smith - Committee Specialist
Telephone: 020 7219 6181
Email: [email protected]

Nancy Wilkinson - Committee Specialist
Telephone: 020 7219 0871
Email: [email protected]

Jonathan Arkless - Senior Committee Assistant
Telephone - 020 7219 1376
Email: [email protected]

Simon Armitage - Committee Assistant
Telephone: 020 7219 1333
Email: [email protected]




Press and publicity contact details

Gary Calder - Senior Media Officer
Tel: 020 7219 7556
Email: [email protected]

Alex Gore - Media Officer
Tel: 020 7219 0931
Email: [email protected]

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