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The Administration Select Committee looks at the services provided by the House of Commons for both Members of Parliament and the public and is composed of 11 members representing all the main political parties Committee Membership 

Who we are
The Administration Select Committee is composed of 11 Members of Parliament representing all the main political parties. 

What we do
The Administration Select Committee is an advisory committee to the House of Commons Commission (a statutory body, chaired by the Speaker, responsible for the administration and services of the House of Commons). We make recommendations on improvements to services provided by the House of Commons for both Members of Parliament and the public. 

The Committee was established in 2005 to incorporate the work of five former domestic committees: Accommodation & Works, Administration, Broadcasting, Catering and Information. We therefore cover a wide range of topics including: catering services; the education service; visitor services; the gift shops; IT services; the broadcasting of Parliament; rules of access; and the management of the buildings and facilities which make up the parliamentary Estate.

In addition to our advisory role we are also empowered from time to time by the Speaker to make rules and give directions to Officers of the House in relation to specific areas within the Committee's remit. 

We also work closely with the Finance Committee, another advisory committee that considers expenditure on services for the House of Commons. Find out more about these domestic committees by using the links to the right on this page. 

How we work
The Committee has weekly private meetings and occasional public evidence sessions, details of which can be found on our homepage. Our Formal Minutes and Notes of Discussion show the Committee’s decisions and topics under consideration. See the links to the left on this page. 

Where our authority comes from
Standing Orders are written rules formulated by the House of Commons to regulate its proceedings, including rules for committees. House of Commons Standing Order 139 states that the Administration Committee’s remit is “to consider the services provided for and by the House and to make recommendations thereon to the House of Commons Commission or to the Speaker”: Standing Order 139

Contact us
If you have any comments or questions about our work, please get in touch by emailing [email protected]. We look forward to hearing from you, and thank you for taking the time to find out more about the Administration Committee.


Further Information

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