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    • Commons Library Research Papers: in-depth and impartial analysis on every major piece of primary legislation and on other major topics of public and parliamentary concern. Regular statistics papers are also published.
    • Commons Library Standard Notes: 3,000 briefings on topical issues or frequently asked questions.
    • Lords Library Notes: Written by the research section of the House of Lords Library to provide information on topics of current interest to members
    • POSTnotes: Short briefings produced by the Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology analysing policy issues that have a basis in science and technology.
    • POST Reports: Occasional major reports produced by the Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology.

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  • Retail sales: economic indicators Published 22 August 2014 | Standard notes SN02818 Retail Sales: Data on the value of retail sales. Topic: Economic situation, Service industries
  • Inflation: International Published 22 August 2014 | Standard notes SN02794 Inflation: International: Harmonised Index of Comsumer Prices data on international inflation rates. Topic: Economic policy, Economic situation, World economy
  • Inflation Published 22 August 2014 | Standard notes SN02792 Inflation: Data on both the CPI and RPI inflation indices. Topic: Economic policy, Economic situation
  • Gross Domestic Product Published 22 August 2014 | Standard notes SN02783 UK Gross Domestic Product: Regularly updated data on growth and forecasts. Topic: Economic situation
  • Public Finances Published 22 August 2014 | Standard notes SN02812 Key data on public sector borrowing and debt. Public sector net borrowing totalled £105.8 billion in 2013/14, £9.3 billion lower than in 2012/13. Topic: Economic situation, Public expenditure
  • NEET: Young People Not in Education, Employment or Training Published 21 August 2014 | Standard notes SN06705 955,000 people aged 16-24 were NEET in the second quarter of 2014, 13.3% of people in this age group. Current Government schemes with elements aimed at reducing the number of young people who are NEET include: raising the participation age, the Youth Contract and the Work Programme. Topic: Economic situation, Unemployment
  • Pre-nuptial agreements Published 20 August 2014 | Standard notes SN03752 Pre-nuptial agreements are not automatically enforceable in courts in England and Wales. The Law Commission has recommended the introduction of enforceable “qualifying nuptial agreements" Topic: Family law, Marriage, Registration of births, deaths and marriages
  • Assisted suicide Published 20 August 2014 | Standard notes SN04857 This note provides background to the offence of assisting a person to commit suicide under the Suicide Act 1961, in the context of terminally ill people who may be unable to end their lives without the assistance of family or friends. Particular reference is made to the cases of Debbie Purdy, who in July 2009 obtained a House of Lords ruling ordering the Director of Public Prosecutions to formulate an offence-specific policy setting out the factors he will consider when deciding whether to prosecute assisted suicide offences, and Tony Nicklinson. The note also considers the Assisted Dying Bill [HL], a Private Member's Bill introduced by Lord Falconer of Thorogood, which is currently before the Lords. Topic: Crime, Medical ethics
  • Agriculture in the home countries: Social Indicators page Published 20 August 2014 | Standard notes SN03994 Agriculture in the home countries: Social Indicators page providing summary statistics on agriculture in the countries of the UK from the annual June farm surveys. Topic: Agriculture
  • Living Former MPs Published 20 August 2014 | Standard notes SN05324 Amended 21 August 2014 A list of all known living former Members as at 16/06/2014. Topic: Members of Parliament
  • Ministers in the Coalition Government: 2010 - present Published 19 August 2014 | Standard notes SN06544 This list notes ministerial office holders since the 2010 General Election. Topic: Central government, Ministers
  • NHS workforce statistics: England Published 19 August 2014 | Standard notes SN02223 NHS workforce statistics: England. By Ricky Fang and Rachael Harker SN/SG/2223. This note summarises recent trends in the NHS workforce in England. Topic: Health staff and professions
  • Missing persons and the presumption of death Published 18 August 2014 | Standard notes SN04890 The Presumption of Death Act 2013 will be implemented in October 2014. The Government is to consult on the creation of a status of guardian of the property of missing persons Topic: Death
  • UK arms transfers to the Peshmerga in Iraqi Kurdistan Published 18 August 2014 | Standard notes SN06963 After rapid advances by the Islamic State (formerly known as ISIS or ISIL) towards Erbil, the capital of the Iraqi Kurdish Region, the UK government has indicated that it may send arms to the Peshmerga, the Kurdish Regional Government's security force. Topic: Arms control, Iraq, Middle East
  • Student loan statistics Published 18 August 2014 | Standard notes SN01079 Student loans are the main method of direct government support for higher education students. Money is loaned to students at a subsidised rate to help towards their maintenance costs and to cover the cost of tuition fees. Currently more than £10 billion is loaned to students each year. This is expected to grow rapidly over the new few years and the Government expects the value of outstanding loans to reach over £100 billion (2014 15 prices) in 2018 and continue to increase in real terms to around £330 billion (2014 15 prices) by the middle of this century. Topic: Higher education, Loans, Students
  • Possible changes to HM Land Registry’s commercial model Published 15 August 2014 | Standard notes SN06885 In 2014, the Government launched a consultation on whether the Land Registry should continue to operate in its present structure, or if the delivery and policy functions should be seperated. In its July response, the Government stated that "further consideration would be valuable" and that no decision had been made. This note considers the issues raised in the consultaiton, and the Government's response. Topic: Land law
  • GCSE, AS and A Level reform Published 15 August 2014 | Standard notes SN06962 An overview of the Government's extensive reforms to GCSE, AS and A level qualifications. Topic: Schools
  • Components of GDP Published 15 August 2014 | Standard notes SN02787 Components of GDP: Data on the components that make up GDP, including household consumption, government spending, investment, net trade and output by sector. Topic: Economic situation
  • Service industries Published 15 August 2014 | Standard notes SN02786 Service industries: Data incorporating the retail sector, the financial sector, the public sector, business administration and cultural activities . Topic: Economic situation, Service industries
  • GDP - international comparisons: key economic indicators Published 15 August 2014 | Standard notes SN02784 GDP International Comparisons: data and forecasts for the UK and the world's largest economies. Topic: Economic situation, International economic relations, World economy

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