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    • Commons Library Research Papers: in-depth and impartial analysis on every major piece of primary legislation and on other major topics of public and parliamentary concern. Regular statistics papers are also published.
    • Commons Library Standard Notes: 3,000 briefings on topical issues or frequently asked questions.
    • Lords Library Notes: Written by the research section of the House of Lords Library to provide information on topics of current interest to members
    • POSTnotes: Short briefings produced by the Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology analysing policy issues that have a basis in science and technology.
    • POST Reports: Occasional major reports produced by the Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology.

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  • Asylum Statistics Published 05 August 2014 | Standard notes SN01403 This note presents statistical information on asylum applications in the UK. Topic: Asylum, Immigration, Population
  • Exchange rates Published 05 August 2014 | Standard notes SN02811 Exchange rates: Data on the value of the pound relative to other major international currencies. Topic: Economic policy, Economic situation, World economy
  • Business and Consumer Confidence Published 05 August 2014 | Standard notes SN02817 Business and Consumer Confidence: Information on business and consumer confidence surveys, which is generally released ahead of official statistical data and can indicate changes to the economic outlook as well as turning points in the economic cycle. Topic: Consumers, Economic situation, Manufacturing industries
  • Household Debt Published 01 August 2014 | Standard notes SN02885 Household debt: Data on the latest household debt statistics, including net lending, mortgage interest rates and insolvencies. Topic: Economic situation, Financial services
  • Sanctions against Russia over Ukraine Published 01 August 2014 | Standard notes SN06951 The EU announced broad economic sanctions against Russia on 29 July 2014 including restrictions on some Russian banks’ ability to borrow money in EU financial markets, and an arms embargo Topic: Eastern Europe, EU external relations, Russia
  • Statistics on migrants and benefits Published 01 August 2014 | Standard notes SN06955 This note collates the main data available on UK benefits paid to migrants or in respect of children living abroad. Topic: Family benefits, Immigration, Working age benefits
  • The Law Officers Published 01 August 2014 | Standard notes SN04485 Information about the role of the Law Officers in England and Wales (the Attorney General and Solicitor General). Topic: Administration of justice, Civil law, Constitution, Criminal law
  • Russia and the Council of Europe Published 31 July 2014 | Standard notes SN06953 Amended 04 August 2014 What has the Council of Europe done about Russia's poor human rights record or the alleged Russian action in Ukraine? Topic: Human rights, Russia
  • Political Developments in Wales Published 31 July 2014 | Standard notes SN06952 This note provides an update on political developments in Wales between January 2013 and July 2014. Topic: Devolution, National Assembly for Wales
  • Prisoners: Incentives and Earned Privileges Scheme Published 31 July 2014 | Standard notes SN06942 In November 2013, the National Offender Management Service revised the Incentives and Earned Privileges scheme for prisoners. The changes have been controversial, particularly in relation to prisoners’ ability to have steel-stringed guitars or to receive books sent from outside prison. It was reported on 29 July 2014 that, in response to feedback from prison governors, the ban on steel-stringed guitars had been reversed, although the ban on receiving books would remain. Topic: Administration of justice, Prisons
  • Organisational reforms to the immigration system since 2006 Published 31 July 2014 | Standard notes SN06719 The UK Border Agency was abolished in spring 2013 following persistent concerns about its performance. It has been replaced by the Home Office directorates ‘UK Visas and Immigration’, ‘Immigration Enforcement’ and 'Border Force'. In July 2014 the National Audit Office found that there has been mixed progress in addressing the concerns that had led to the abolition of the UKBA, and concluded that it is too early to detect an impact of organisational improvement on customers and stakeholders. Topic: Asylum, Immigration, Nationality
  • In Brief: Syrian refugees and the UK Published 30 July 2014 | Standard notes SN06805 On 29 January 2014, the Home Secretary announced that the UK would establish a programme to offer resettlement to some of the most vulnerable Syrian refugees. 50 people had been resettled in the UK under the scheme, as at June 2014. Topic: Asylum, Immigration, Middle East
  • Constituency Casework: Training Published 30 July 2014 | Standard notes SN05444 This note provides Members of Parliament and their staff with information related to frequently asked questions from constituents about training. Topic: Adult education, Employment schemes, Further education, Students, Unemployment
  • House Business Committee Published 30 July 2014 | Standard notes SN06394 In November 2009, the Select Committee on Reform of the House of Commons recommended the establishment of a House Business Committee to “assemble a draft agenda to put to the House in a weekly motion”. On 4 March 2010, the House approved the establishment of a House Business Committee in the current Parliament. However, in 2013 the Government decided not to bring forward proposals to do so. Topic: House of Commons, Parliamentary procedure
  • Anti-social behaviour- new provisions Published 30 July 2014 | Standard notes SN06950 Amended 06 August 2014 Substantial changes to the law on anti-social behaviour are due as a result of the Anti-social Behaviour Crime and Policing Act 2014. The Government is replacing a number of the legal remedies currently available. This Note gives a summary of the new powers. Topic: Administration of justice, Crime
  • Local election petitions Published 30 July 2014 | Standard notes SN06937 A local election petition has been brought following the elections on 22 May 2014 in Tower Hamlets seeking to have the election of the mayor, Lutfur Rahman, declared void. This note gives details of the different electoral offences and the procedure for bringing a local election petition. It also gives brief details of previous allegations of electoral abuse in Tower Hamlets. Topic: Elections
  • Electoral offences since 2010 Published 30 July 2014 | Standard notes SN06255 This Standard Note provides information about electoral fraud since 2010 and includes details of the reports published by the Electoral Commission and the Associations of Chief Police Officers on cases of alleged electoral malpractice. The Note also gives details of the All-Party Parliamentary Inquiry into electoral conduct which published its report in October 2013. Topic: Elections, Electoral register
  • Biobanks Published 30 July 2014 | POST notes POST PN 473 A POSTnote that explores the role of biobanks in health research. Topic: Diseases, Genetics, Medical ethics, Science
  • Public Expenditure by country and region Published 29 July 2014 | Standard notes SN04033 This note provides information on levels of public spending per head in the countries and regions of the UK. Topic: Public expenditure
  • Calling in a planning application Published 29 July 2014 | Standard notes SN00930 This note describes the Secretary of State's power to "call-in" a planning application, to determine it himself. Topic: Planning

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