Lord Sugar

Lord Sugar

Full title

The Lord Sugar


Alan Sugar



Joined the Lords

20 July 2009

Contact details

House of Lords, London, SW1A 0PW
Tel: 0207 219 5353
Fax: 0207 219 5979

Register of Interests

  • 1: Directorships

    • Chairman and Managing Director, Amshold Group Limited (holding company of property group)
    • Chairman and Managing Director, Amshold Trading Limited (holding company of a trading group of companies)
    • Chairman and Managing Director, Amshold International Limited (international property holdings)
    • Chairman and Managing Director, Amstar Entertainment Limited (formerly Amstar Media Limited) (media services)
    • Chairman and Managing Director, Amsprop London Limited (London real estate)
    • Chairman and Managing Director, Amsvest Limited (entrepreneurial investment company set up in connection with The Apprentice TV programme; will put the original seed capital into each new Apprentice's trading company)
    • Director, Aventom Limited (company owned 50 per cent by Amsvest Limited and 50 per cent by winner of The Apprentice 2011 TV programme; designs, develops, produces and markets products for sale and provides consulting services)
    • Director, Tropic Skin Care Limited (formerly SUSMACO Limited)
    • Director, Hyper Recruitment Solutions Limited (company owned 50% by Amsvest Limited and 50% by winner of The Apprentice 2012 TV Programme; recruitment consultancy)
    • Director, Dr Leah Limited (company owned 50 per cent by Amsvest Limited and 50 per cent by winner of The Apprentice 2013 TV Programme; cosmetic medical)
    • Director, Amstar Media Limited (media services)
    • Director, Amsprop USA Property Limited (dormant)
  • 2: Remunerated employment, office, profession etc.

    • Host of BBC television programmes "The Apprentice" and "The Junior Apprentice", plus related programming (fees are paid to Amstar Media Ltd - see category 4(a))
    • Royalties from publication of "What you see is what you get" autobiography (Macmillan Publishing; the royalties are paid to Amstar Media Ltd (see category 4(a))
    • Royalties from publication of "The way I see it" (Macmillan Publishing; the royalties are paid to Amstar Media Ltd (see category 4(a))
    • Under a contract between Amstar Media Limited and Youth Enterprise CIC, Lord Sugar will endorse The National Enterprise Challenge and delivered a 60-75 minute Q&A session in July 2013
    • Amstar Media Limited has provided the services of Lord Sugar in connection with a BBC Christmas Trail Campaign undertaken for them by Red Bee Media Limited in respect of which a fee has been invoiced
    • A fee was paid to Amstar Entertainment Limited in respect of Media Strategy Advice given by Lord Sugar to Last Gasp Productions Limited during November 2014 (registered 10 December 2014)
  • 4: Shareholdings (a)

    • Amshold Group Limited (holding company - see category 1)
    • Amstique Ltd (dissolved)
    • Amstar Media Ltd (media services - see category 1)
    • Amshold Ltd (dissolved)
    • Amsair Ltd (intermediate holding company)
    • Amsair GmbH (dissolved)
    • Amsair Aircraft Ltd (aircraft chartering)
    • Amsair Executive Aviation Ltd (aircraft chartering - dissolved)
    • Amsprop Ltd (intermediate holding company)
    • Amsprop Spain SL (property development/trading)
    • Amsprop Investments Ltd (property investment)
    • Amsprop Mayfair Ltd (dissolved)
    • Amsprop Financial Ltd (dissolved)
    • Amsprop Bishopsgate Ltd (property investment)
    • Amsprop Euston Ltd (property investment)
    • Amsprop Oxford Ltd (property investment)
    • Amsprop (No.6) Ltd (dormant)
    • Amsprop (No.8) Ltd (dissolved)
    • Amsprop (No.9) Ltd (dissolved)
    • Amsprop (No.10) Ltd (dissolved)
    • Amsprop Properties Ltd (dissolved)
    • Amsprop Estates Ltd (property development/trading)
    • Amsgal Properties Ltd (dormant)
    • Amsted Properties Ltd (dissolved)
    • Amsprop Central Ltd (property investment)
    • Amsprop Regent Ltd (property investment)
    • Amsprop Southbank Ltd (property investment)
    • Amsprop Piccadilly Ltd (dissolved)
    • Amsprop Portland Ltd (property investment)
    • Amsturn Ltd (property development/trading)
    • Amsprop City Properties Ltd (property investment)
    • Amsprop USA Holding Inc (intermediate holding company)
    • Amsprop Florida LLC (property development/trading)
    • Amsprop Florida Inv LLC (property development/trading)
    • Deerfield Inv LLC (property development/trading)
    • Amsprop Dania Beach LLC (property development/trading)
    • Amsprop Executive Aviation Corp (in process of winding up)
    • Amshold Securities Ltd (intermediate holding company)
    • Amshold Trustees Ltd (dissolved)
    • ACL (1997) Ltd (intermediate holding company)
    • Amshold Investments Ltd (dormant)
    • Amstrad Consumer Electronics Unlimited (dormant)
    • Amstrad Espana SA (in process of winding up)
    • Amsprop London Ltd (property investment - see category 1)
    • Amscreen plc (intermediate holding company)
    • Amscreen Group Ltd (digital media)
    • Complementary Technologies Ltd (dissolved)
    • Comtech Embedded Communications Ltd (dissolved)
    • Comtech Holdings Ltd (dissolved)
    • Comtech Products Ltd (dissolved)
    • Amscreen Services Ltd (was Comtech M2M Ltd) (dormant)
    • Amsvest Limited (see category 1)
    • Aventom Limited (see category 1)
    • Amsvest Limited have a 50% equity interest in Tropic Skin Care Limited (formerly SUSMACO Limited - see category 1)
    • Amshold Trading Limited (holding company - see category 1)
    • Amshold International Limited (international property holdings - see category 1)
    • Hyper Recruitment Solutions Limited (see category 1)
  • 4: Shareholdings (b)

    • From time to time Amsprop London Limited enter into transactions for Contracts for Differences (CFDs) in quoted companies; these companies change from time to time, depending on market circumstances; the CFDs are held for periods of time of varying length, also depending on market circumstances
  • 5: Land and property

    • Two freehold reversions: (i) housing in Liverpool, Merseyside, rented to Liverpool Housing Trust; (ii) Bank premises, Clacton-on-Sea, Essex, from which rental income is received
  • 6: Sponsorship

    • Secretarial and other support is received from staff employed by the Amshold Group of Companies
  • 10: Non-financial interests (a)

    • Director, Amstar Media Limited
  • 10: Non-financial interests (e)

    • Trustee, Alan Sugar Foundation (charity)
    • Empire Partner, The Hackney Empire (charity)