Nicola Blackwood MP

Nicola Blackwood MP


Oxford West and Abingdon



Address as

Nicola Blackwood

Contact details


No constituency office publicised


House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA
Tel: 020 7219 7126
Fax: 020 7219 8122

Web & Social media


Electoral history

Post Date
Member for Oxford West and Abingdon 2015-
Member for Oxford West and Abingdon 2010-15

Select committees

Post House Date
Science and Technology Committee (Commons) (Chair) Commons 2015-
Science and Technology Committee (Commons) Commons 2015-
Home Affairs Committee Commons 2010-15

Political interests

Civil liberties and human rights, home affairs, international development, universities, science, environment, women, peace and security

Countries of interest

Rwanda, Democratic Republic of Congo, Sudan, Afghanistan, Iran, colombia, Africa Great Lakes Region


General Election 2015 General Election - Oxford West and Abingdon

Name Party Votes Share Change
Nicola Blackwood Con 26153 45.68% 3.4%
Layla Moran LD 16571 28.95% -13.1%
Sally Copley Lab 7274 12.71% 2.1%
Alan Harris UKIP 3963 6.92% 4.2%
Larry Sanders Green 2497 4.36% 2.3%
Helen Salisbury National Health Action Party 723 1.26%
Mike Foster The Socialist Party of Great Britain 66 0.12%
Majority 9582 16.74%
Turnout 57247 75.15%
Electorate 76174
Result Con Hold

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