Women in Parliament Today

Women MPs in the House of Commons

See a full list of the 208 women MPs elected at the General Election 2017.

Women members of the House of Lords

See a full alphabetical list of women members of the House of Lords, with links to contact and biographical information.

Women Deputy Speakers and Committee Chairs

Details of women who served as a Deputy Speaker in the Commons or as a chair of a committee in either House.

Women in Democracy - video series

Members of the House of Lords were interviewed for Parliament Week 2013. You can watch the videos on the Lords’ Youtube channel.

Further reading

Women Cabinet members, junior ministers and Shadow Cabinet members - see a current list of women appointed since the 2015 General Election, compiled by the Centre for Women & Democracy

Women Leaders Worldwide
See a list of all the women Presidents and Prime Ministers from around the world, as at October 2016, produced by the Centre for Women and Democracy.

Disability and Parliament

Baroness Grey-Thompson, paralympian, shares her experience as a member of the House of Lords