Clerk of the House and Chief Executive

Sir Robert Rogers, Clerk of the House and Chief Executive

Sir Robert Rogers is the Clerk of the House of Commons and Chief Executive. A permanent official of the House of Commons, Sir Robert has worked in the House for over thirty five years. He became Clerk of the House and Chief Executive on 1 October 2011.

Clerk of the House

As Clerk of the House, Sir Robert's main role is to advise the Speaker and MPs on House of Commons procedure and privilege.

This is a Crown appointment; the Clerk has no political affiliations and is not a civil servant. He helps the Speaker to prepare for each sitting of the House and sits in the Chamber at the commencement of each sitting.

While in the Commons Chamber, the Clerk of the House and his deputies record formal decisions of the House and give procedural advice to the Speaker and other MPs as needed.

Sir Robert maintains contacts with Clerks of other Parliaments and elected bodies through organisations such as the Society of Clerks at the Table of Commonwealth Parliaments.

Chief Executive

As Chief Executive of the House of Commons, Sir Robert chairs the Management Board. Together with the members of the Board, he is responsible for the operational functions of the House Service and for developing the House Service’s policies and strategic planning. This power has been delegated to the Management Board by the House of Commons Commission.

Other responsibilities

Sir Robert also has a number of specific legal administrative responsibilities. As Corporate Officer he is authorised to enter into contracts on behalf of the House of Commons and as Accounting Officer he has overall responsibility for the House’s finances, resource accounting and internal controls.

The Accounting Officer must be able to assure Parliament and the public of high standards of probity in the management of public funds.  This will include the House Service governance arrangements, decision-making and financial management assurances when considering, promoting and safeguarding regularity, propriety, affordability, sustainability, risk and value for money; and for accounting accurately and transparently on the transactions and the financial position of the House Service.

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