The medal in the Parliamentary collection

The medal in the Parliamentary collection
  • Title: The Order of the British Empire

  • Catalogue number : WOA MO250

  • Description :

    The medal featured here was awarded to Mr Thomas Hickey, a technician working for the General Post Office. The citation in The London Gazette, 8 January 1918, stated that he 'displayed great courage while carrying out telegraph work under dangerous condition'.

    Hickey's was one of many medals awarded to GPO men and women involved in repairing vital lines of communication either at the Front, at sea, or at home in air-raid conditions. During the short life of this medal, 1917-22, some 2,000 awards were made.

    This medal came into the Parliamentary collection as part of Sir William Brass's donated collection. The inscription on the medal reads 'For God and the Empire'.

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