Result of the Private Members' Bill ballot: Session 2013-14

The 20 successful MPs are given priority in presenting a Bill of their choice and putting it down for second reading on one of the Private Members' Bills Fridays.

The Bills of the MPs successful in the ballot are formally presented in the House on the fifth sitting Wednesday of a session, 19 June 2013. In general, only the titles of the Bills are known at this stage, the texts may not appear in print until some time after this date.

The Private Members' Bills ballot for the 2013-14 session took place on Thursday 16 May 2013.

Ballot Results

The 20 MPs successful in the ballot were as follows:

1.  James Wharton (Con)

2.  Paul Blomfield (Lab)

3.  Jonathan Lord (Con)

4.  Sheryll Murray (Con)

5.  Dan Byles (Con)

6.  Sir Alan Meale (Lab)

7.  Andrew Gwynne (Lab)

8.  Karl McCartney (Con)

9.  Sir Robert Smith (LD)

10. Graham Evans (Con)

11. Mike Crockart (LD)

12. Justin Tomlinson (Con)

13. Mark Williams (LD)

14. Sir Malcom Bruce (LD)

15. Caroline Spelman (Con)

16. Andrew Selous (Con)

17. Margot James (Con)

18. William Cash (Con)

19. Michael Meacher (Lab)

20. Dr Matthew Offord (Con)

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