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Prime Minister's Questions: 19 November 2014

MPs asked questions to David Cameron in the House of Commons on Wednesday 19 November

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Lords Select Committees

Watch an overview of the work of Lords Select Committees and the impact of their reports and recommendations

What is a by-election? By-election

What is a by-election?

Today a by election is taking place in Rochester and Strood. Learn more about them and why they take place

Parliament Week 2014  #DoDemocracy

Discover how you can get involved with events and activities that connect people across the UK with Parliament and democracy

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MPs to debate devolution and the UnionMPs debated devolution and the Union

Backbench Business debate took place in Commons Chamber on 20 November

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Friday 21 November 2014

House of Commons

Main Chamber

Time Business
9:30am Legislation - Clive Efford

National Health Service (Amended Duties and Powers) Bill - Second reading - Clive Efford

Legislation - Ian Mearns

Zero Hours Contracts Bill - Second reading - Ian Mearns

Legislation - Jake Berry

Local Government (Religious etc. Observances) Bill - Second reading - Jake Berry

Legislation - Caroline Lucas

Public Services (Ownership and User Involvement) Bill - Second reading - Caroline Lucas

Legislation - Barbara Keeley

Carers Bedroom Entitlement (Social Housing Sector) Bill - Second reading - Barbara Keeley

Legislation - Thomas Docherty

Armed Forces (Prevention of Discrimination) (No. 2) Bill - Second reading - Thomas Docherty

Legislation - Iain Stewart

Road Traffic Regulation (Temporary Closure for Filming) Bill - Second reading (Day 2) - Iain Stewart

Legislation - Mr Christopher Chope

Illegal Immigrants (Criminal Sanctions) Bill - Second reading (Day 2) - Mr Christopher Chope

Legislation - Mr Christopher Chope

House of Lords (Maximum Membership) Bill - Second reading - Mr Christopher Chope

Legislation - Mr Christopher Chope

EU Membership (Audit of Costs and Benefits) Bill - Second reading - Mr Christopher Chope

Legislation - Jim Fitzpatrick MP

Wild Animals in Circuses Bill - Second reading - Jim Fitzpatrick MP

Adjournment - Sir Oliver Heald

Roads in Hertfordshire and widening the A1(M)

Westminster Hall

No business announced for today

General Committee

No business announced for today

Select Committee

House of Lords

Main Chamber

Time Business
10:00am Legislation - Lord Naseby

Mutuals' Redeemable and Deferred Shares Bill [HL] - Committee of the whole House - Lord Naseby

Legislation - Baroness Deech

Divorce (Financial Provision) Bill [HL] - Committee of the whole House - Baroness Deech

Legislation - Baroness Hayman

House of Lords (Expulsion and Suspension) Bill [HL] - Committee of the whole House - Baroness Hayman

Legislation - Lord Blencathra

Equality Act 2010 (Amendment) Bill [HL] - Second reading - Lord Blencathra

Grand Committee

No business announced for today

Select Committee


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